Welcome to The Pearl Project's Jewelry Line to Support Lung Cancer

The Pearl Project  was founded to offer the world a simple way to create awareness for the #1 cancer killer in the world - think pearls for lung cancer!  All proceeds from The Pearl Project's jewelry sales are donated to The American Lung Association to support their progress in funding lung health and lung cancer research, awareness and education.

Our goal is to create an awareness movement toward a world where no one is blamed for having cancer.  The statistics are widely misunderstood and lung cancer can affect anyone.  Like any movement, the first step is opening up the conversation.

Founder Kristina Corrales Raso designed the original pendant for The Pearl Project in memory of her mother to offer a recognizable symbol for lung cancer awareness.  It is now available for order.  Wear it with pride in supporting The Pearl Project and join the movement to help the world rethink lung cancer!

Why pearls?  Lung cancer has many colors.  One is clear because it's an invisible disease.  Another color is pearl.  Pearls represent wisdom and strength.  Traditionally worn across the chest, they are an iconic symbol to support a disease that deserves a voice and progress in the cancer community.

Thank you for thinking pearls for lung cancer awareness!  For the #1 cancer killer in the world... Empower.  Inspire.  It's Time.


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